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High Speed Ironer Solutions

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In recent years, the social washing industry in China has developed rapidly, and many washing owners have learned more about foreign advanced washing equipment. At the same time, the supporting resources of large washing factories are also becoming more and more perfect, so the washing efficiency is greatly improved than before. With the application of washing machines and integrated washing, the efficiency bottleneck of washing is being broken day by day. As a result, the ironing efficiency, which was temporarily relieved by the application of folding machines, has once again been paid attention to by many washing owners. There is also a place for domestic use. However, China's washing situation is far from that of foreign standardized factories. The selection of these new technologies and new equipment needs to be comprehensively considered. It is the only truth to choose the most suitable one to maximize benefits.

The high-speed screed line is actually composed of several links: feeding, ironing, folding and stacking. Therefore, how to build a high-speed screed line that conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise also needs to be analyzed separately from these links to maximize benefits.

Ironing speed analysis

The primary indicator of high-speed ironing line is ironing speed, only higher ironing speed can get greater benefits. The ironing speed mentioned here refers to the highest speed that the user can reach to dry and iron the linen in actual use, rather than the highest speed that the device can run. Because the maximum operating speed of the equipment is often higher than the actual linen drying speed, in actual production, the equipment runs at a high speed, and the linen cannot be ironed, which is meaningless. At present, the domestic social washing is still dominated by roller ironing machines, and the steam pressure is generally below 5bar. Therefore, in recent years, four-roller and five-roller ironing machines have been more used, and the corresponding ironing speed can reach 30M/min (sheets), 20M/min (quilt cover), so that the ironing through more rollers Machine selection, which can increase ironing speed by more than 40%, some customers have adopted 6-roll ironing machine for higher speed to improve efficiency.